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Men & women 's Hair Loss

This one affects one in three people. In most cases it is a natural phenomenon, in others, hair loss may reveal the onset of alopecia; it’s a real scourge, especially for men ! No matter the age, no one is safe from losing their hair one day. Alopecia refers to the partial or total loss of hair. Although this disorder mainly affects men (70% of cases), women are not immune either.


What are the first signs and causes

  • Hereditary androgenetic alopecia, caused by an excess of male hormones, begins with the gulfs and the crown.
  • Androgenic alopecia, caused by hormonal imbalances related to different periods of life.
  • Alopecia due to intensive stress, caused by the overproduction of androgenic hormones.
  • Alopecia due to cancer treatments, caused by the toxins used.
  • Alopecia due to nutritional deficiencies, caused by iron deficiency.
  • Alopecia due to the Alopecia areata an autoimmune disease that disables the follicles, preventing hair growth.

FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT The « Follicular Unit Extraction » technique is a capillary implant procedure that removes the follicular units one by one without leaving a scar on the neck and then re-implanting them on the bald areas of the skull, for a natural and undetectable result.

Incision around the graft in the donor area

After local anesthesia, the skin of the scalp, located at the back and on the top of the head, is asleep locally, we place the punch of 0.8mm around a follicle, making a small rotary movement while maintaining a slight pressure, so the follicle separates from the scalp.

Grafting the graft

The follicular units are removed by forceps forceps, a very fine instrument that keeps the bulb of the hair on the nape of the neck and temples. There are then small holes less than a millimeter in diameter that heal leaving small white dots almost invisible.

Selection and preparation of grafts

The extracted follicles are then sorted and classified according to the number of hair (one to four) they contain. They are then stored in a saline-based storage bath.

Implantation of grafts in the recipient area

The implantation is done using a needle, which allows to perform the micro-slot while introducing the graft at the same time, controlling the depth and calculating the space separating each follicle. All this in order to guarantee optimal regrowth of all the follicles.

REDENSIFYING THE HAIR Is from the fourth month, the result is visible from the sixth month, but it is after one year that it is final.